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I noticed the claim_a_user journal has been deleted... :(

it was one of the first times i (rather drunkenly) told mandy i liked her so i wanted to sort of save it. I didnt know it was going down so i dont have the exact post (and i cant remember the exact words i used from memmory), so here is a somewhat not-very-close-but-updated version of what i can remember

I wish to claim silveria, because she is the coolest girl in the world, and i love her.

I love the way she makes me feel wanted. I like the way she makes me smile. I like the way i feel when i talk to her. I love her cute accent. I love the way she is not like any other person on the earth. I love the way she is so sophisticated and deep, in that she seems shy at first but when she opens up its like so many beautiful sunrises all wrapped up into one person.

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